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Real Estate Mistakes Millennials Often Make

The real estate market can be tricky and difficult to navigate if you don’t have in-depth knowledge and experience in the area. Most millennials are new to the real estate and home buying process and are therefore prone to making mistakes. As young professionals, recent graduates and newly weds, millennials are seeking to dive into […]

All About Disclosures

Whether you are a seller or in the market to purchase, here is everything you need know about real estate disclosures. What is a Real Estate Disclosure? Disclosure statements are the buyer’s chance to learn all that they can about a property and the seller’s encounter in it. Sellers get an opportunity to reveal anything […]

Should You Buy a House Without Seeing it First?

Viewing a property before buying it is an automatic step for most home buyers. They want to see it, feel it, touch it, and know that it’s there. In fact, the thought of purchasing a property without actually seeing it first is a scary thought for most people. However, 20% of homeowners buy their homes […]