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To Whom It May Concern:

Being from Texas, we first laid eyes on La Jolla in 1991 and immediately fell in love with both the town and its people. Wanting to find a suitable home as soon as possible so that our family could more fully “experience” this new area we had found, we happened to “find” Linda Daniels from an ad in a local magazine. In hindsight, we believe that finding Linda was as significant an event as discovering the beautiful town of La Jolla itself. In the twelve years we have known Linda, she has found, negotiated and successfully closed the purchase of four sizable properties for us, as well as acted as our agent in the sale of one of them. In all five transactions, Linda served our interests both expertly and efficiently. Linda – unlike anyone else in real estate that we have known – makes it a point to know her clients in a truly genuine and unique way that enables her to match her client with just the perfect property. Linda often knew that a property was “perfect” for us long before we did. Indeed, had it not been for Linda’s advise and gentle “push” from time to time, we would never have purchased two of our last homes which, in hindsight, have proven to be extremely fortuitous. Once Linda sets her goal on your behalf, she literally moves “heaven and earth” to accomplish your objectives and, without fail, she has succeeded beyond all expectations in her efforts for us. As a testament to Linda’s moral fiber and faith, she is able to accomplish all of this without compromising her integrity, strong character, and penchant for absolute truthful candor.

Linda is remarkable for many things, but important among these to me are as follows: she is trustworthy, loyal, fiercely competitive, persistent, detail-oriented, extremely knowledgeable and professional, always accessible, legally astute, and the most important of all: keeps her client’s best interests always foremost in her mind and – unique to Linda Daniels – her heart. Very simply stated, when you have an agent like Linda Daniels, it is virtually impossible to go wrong! Instead of “Father Knows Best”, when it comes to real estate in San Diego, it’s very definitely “Linda Knows Best”. Although an attorney and in real estate myself, I always rely on a professional in such matters where my own expertise requires augmentation to assure success. That is why I rely on Linda Daniels whenever we make any investment in the San Diego real estate market.


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