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For the sale of my 4500 sq. ft. ocean view, 1-acre estate, I interviewed the top agents in La Jolla. Choosing Linda Daniels was easy.

We clicked immediately because she has not just the La Jolla-specific knowledge that it takes to sell a place here for top dollar, but she has an upbeat attitude that carried me throughout the whole process.

I have to admit I was a difficult client. I insisted on a short listing period (4 months). I was out of town for most of the time it was listed, so I depended on her to make sure the best features of the house were showcased. And I was very emotional and conflicted about selling the home that I raised my children in. She didn’t push, but she was there to facilitate whatever path I wanted to take.

Her taste is impeccable, so staging was a breeze. And the team that she uses, the videographer, the photographer, the landscaper, the painter/handyman, and her assistant, Julie, are all terrific.

Linda never tried to move me off my bottom line and she supported me 100%. When I received two low offers (from San Diego agents who didn’t understand the La Jolla market), she told me not to get discouraged. Her unflagging faith was amazing and she was right. She was able to bring in the offer that met my absolute bottom line, and she was right on point during negotiations for the removal of all contingencies.

This is the fourth house I’ve bought and sold, and Linda is the only agent I would ever use in San Diego. This was the easiest sale I’ve ever experienced.

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