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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell


What if you were just minutes away from being able to sell your home?

Many homeowners have difficulty selling their homes because they don’t have the inside information the pros have. Once you know the secrets, getting your home ready to sell is easier than ever.

Ready to invest a few minutes that could change your life? Keep reading to discover our top four tips for selling your home!

The Price Is Right

Most homeowners try to accurately represent the value of their home. But would you believe that lowering the price is the secret to a bigger payday?

If you are charging market value, then you are effectively competing with everyone else in the market. But if your asking price is fifteen to twenty percent lower than the competition, you’ll receive a ton of offers.

And here’s the fun part: you’ll have enough bids coming in that you should be able to get the price you want, if not higher!

Good First Impression

Everyone knows that a good first impression is highly important. But do you know how to integrate that into selling a house?

It’s actually all about your hallway. What is it that first-time visitors see when they open the front door and first see your home?

Therefore, you should make sure the front door and patio are clean and uncluttered. Similarly, your interior hallway should be very clean and inviting; this sets the tone for their entire visit!



Hit the Lights

Once they get past the front door and hallway, prospective buyers are going to want to look around. But are they actually able to see everything your home has to offer?

Like with photography, great lighting is the secret to making your home look amazing. And when you’re getting your home ready to sell, then you need to strike a balance between natural and artificial light.

Make sure your windows are spotless and try taking down the drapes. And replace the bulbs and lampshades within the home until everything has a warm light.

Ultimately, this is an interior makeover that is easy and inexpensive!

What’s Going On in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important factors when you are selling a house. This causes many homeowners to believe they must invest in expensive kitchen upgrades when they are getting ready to sell.

However, small changes can actually make a big difference. For instance, painting the doors of cupboards and other kitchen storage can make them look new without you having to pay the “new” price tag.


Such repainting can change the dated look of an old kitchen into something sleek and modern!

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: The Bottom Line

Now you know the secrets to getting your home ready to sell. But what if you need a little help making it happen?

At The Daniels Group, we are experts in San Diego real estate and are ready to help sellers get everything their home is worth. If you’re ready to work with true professionals, then it’s time to meet the team!

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Thinking of buying or selling a home in the La Jolla area? As consistent top producers in real estate, Linda Daniels and The Daniels Group are your La Jolla housing specialists. Our team of local experts will ensure that you have a successful real estate transaction. Call us today at (858) 361-5561 or email us anytime by clicking here.

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