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Client Testimonials


Dear Linda,

I wanted you and the rest of Willis Allen to know that your attention to the sale of my home was outstanding. You were patient, kind, and very honest with Cathy and I. I truly felt that you took a true interest in us. I would recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home. I wish you continued success.

Best Wishes,


To Whom It May Concern:

Being from Texas, we first laid eyes on La Jolla in 1991 and immediately fell in love with both the town and its people. Wanting to find a suitable home as soon as possible so that our family could more fully “experience” this new area we had found, we happened to “find” Linda Daniels from an ad in a local magazine. In hindsight, we believe that finding Linda was as significant an event as discovering the beautiful town of La Jolla itself. In the twelve years we have known Linda, she has found, negotiated and successfully closed the purchase of four sizable properties for us, as well as acted as our agent in the sale of one of them. In all five transactions, Linda served our interests both expertly and efficiently. Linda – unlike anyone else in real estate that we have known – makes it a point to know her clients in a truly genuine and unique way that enables her to match her client with just the perfect property. Linda often knew that a property was “perfect” for us long before we did. Indeed, had it not been for Linda’s advise and gentle “push” from time to time, we would never have purchased two of our last homes which, in hindsight, have proven to be extremely fortuitous. Once Linda sets her goal on your behalf, she literally moves “heaven and earth” to accomplish your objectives and, without fail, she has succeeded beyond all expectations in her efforts for us. As a testament to Linda’s moral fiber and faith, she is able to accomplish all of this without compromising her integrity, strong character, and penchant for absolute truthful candor.

Linda is remarkable for many things, but important among these to me are as follows: she is trustworthy, loyal, fiercely competitive, persistent, detail-oriented, extremely knowledgeable and professional, always accessible, legally astute, and the most important of all: keeps her client’s best interests always foremost in her mind and – unique to Linda Daniels – her heart. Very simply stated, when you have an agent like Linda Daniels, it is virtually impossible to go wrong! Instead of “Father Knows Best”, when it comes to real estate in San Diego, it’s very definitely “Linda Knows Best”. Although an attorney and in real estate myself, I always rely on a professional in such matters where my own expertise requires augmentation to assure success. That is why I rely on Linda Daniels whenever we make any investment in the San Diego real estate market.



Dear Linda,

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciated your energy and your expertise in getting our home sold. From marketing to tracking down Roto-Rooter, you went above and beyond in order to get the job done. I know the buyers were not the easiest with whom to work, yet you managed to convince them they’d found the house they had been searching for in Rancho Santa Fe. Great job in every way!

Thank you very much for all your hard work and for maintaining your professional demeanor and amazing attitude. It was truly a pleasure working with you.

I want to wish you and your family a very blessed holiday season.



To Whom It May Concern:

This is to verify that I have known Linda Daniels since 1985. As a practicing attorney until 1999 (when I became a Superior Court Judge), I regularly used her services on behalf of my clients. In my probate and estate planning practice, she regularly advised and counseled my clients in dealing with real estate transactions. On numerous occasions, she was responsible for the listing and sale of real properties pursuant to the distribution of trust and probate estates. My clients and I were completely satisfied with her services. I highly recommend her as a real estate agent and broker.



Dear Linda,

Thank you for being so well prepared. I am so impressed with your business style! The book that you left with me is well stocked with great market information! I look forward to having some time this evening to review. The meeting was most informative.

Great to see you again and thanks for being so understanding! You are truly an asset to Willis Allen!

Best regards,


Dear Linda,

I would like to thank you for everything that you have done to help facilitate my cross country move and make La Jolla my home. It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since we first met to find a rental house. Since that time, you helped me to get settled into a new town, introduced me to many wonderful people who have become friends, connected me with organizations such as St. Germaine’s, and guided me in a successful search for a permanent home.

Your warm personality and sense of humor made the house hunting process enjoyable. You really listened to what I was looking for in a house and set out to find one that met my rather extensive list of requirements. I was impressed with the letter campaign that you initiated to try to uncover a house that had yet to be listed. You were patient with me as I learned the nuances of buying a home in California. And, you were creative when problems arose and always worked to find a solution.

I think your high ethical standards and integrity were reflected during the purchase transaction when you skillfully represented both the buyer and seller. And, it is a wonderful outcome when both parties are pleased with the end result and feel their interests were served. Your many years of experience really made a difference in this situation.

Linda, thank you again for all that you have done. I am deeply appreciative of the extraordinary care and consideration you have shown me.



After several transactions with The Daniels Group, we could not be happier with our La Jolla Realtor! Linda Daniels expertise in contract negotiations, historical properties, and La Jolla neighborhoods is amazing. Rarely will you ever encounter a La Jolla agent with as much energy and integrity. Whether new or established in La Jolla, Linda is an instant connection to all the best of 92037.


Dear Linda,

As the year comes to an end and I finally have some time to catch up, I wanted to thank you so much for all of your wise and kind assistance in handling the matter of the sale of the Clarkin residence on Esterel Drive. This was a difficult situation, with the divorce and then death of Ms. Clarkin. It potentially could have been very tense. But with your guidance We were able to complete the sale fairly quickly. And with your quick action we were able to resolve the boundary issue.

Thanks again for all your assistance with this matter. And thanks for the orchid. It was beautiful.

Best Wishes in this Holiday Season!


It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Linda Daniels. Linda represented us in a recent purchase of a historical property in La Jolla, California.

Linda is a true professional, well respected by her peers, and very easy to work with. She was always available to meet on our schedule, is organized and efficient, and makes the whole experience (which can be trying at times), actually fun with her great sense of humor.

If you are considering buying or selling a home, look no further, Linda Daniels is the one for you!


For the sale of my 4500 sq. ft. ocean view, 1-acre estate, I interviewed the top agents in La Jolla. Choosing Linda Daniels was easy.

We clicked immediately because she has not just the La Jolla-specific knowledge that it takes to sell a place here for top dollar, but she has an upbeat attitude that carried me throughout the whole process.

I have to admit I was a difficult client. I insisted on a short listing period (4 months). I was out of town for most of the time it was listed, so I depended on her to make sure the best features of the house were showcased. And I was very emotional and conflicted about selling the home that I raised my children in. She didn’t push, but she was there to facilitate whatever path I wanted to take.

Her taste is impeccable, so staging was a breeze. And the team that she uses, the videographer, the photographer, the landscaper, the painter/handyman, and her assistant, Julie, are all terrific.

Linda never tried to move me off my bottom line and she supported me 100%. When I received two low offers (from San Diego agents who didn’t understand the La Jolla market), she told me not to get discouraged. Her unflagging faith was amazing and she was right. She was able to bring in the offer that met my absolute bottom line, and she was right on point during negotiations for the removal of all contingencies.

This is the fourth house I’ve bought and sold, and Linda is the only agent I would ever use in San Diego. This was the easiest sale I’ve ever experienced.

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